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Vietnam Restructures Electricity Sector with Vision into 2025

Vietnam has been increasingly needing energy for industry development and consumption and therefore investment in building plants are encouraged by governments in all forms, especially with sources from Public Private Partnership.

The nuclear energy has not been approved by Vietnam National Assembly in 2016.  Vietnam has now more depending on up-coming thermal coal power plant construction projects when the sustainable energy projects i.e. wind, solar are slowly initiated.

For most of the significant projects, the developers requires the foreign EPC contractors to provide equipment, engineering and constructions whom requires construction licenses to operation in Vietnam.  They also keep an eye on on the changes in the law in electricity and Vietnam development of energy sector to follow opportunities.

With aim to grow the energy sector to meeting growing demands and publicly announce the plan to the interested parties, Vietnam government has now restructuring the power sector aiming to achieve the conversion of the power sector under the market mechanism in order to enhance business efficiency, enhance the publicity, transparency, equal competition in terms of international integration, ensuring the development of sustainable electricity systems, market development-oriented retail electricity in Vietnam according to the market mechanisms under the regulation of Government.
Restructure Electricity Sector 2016 – 2020
The period from 2016 to 2018
Privatize the power generation corporation of Vietnam electricity Group (EVN), Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN), Vietnam national coal – mineral industries holding corporation limited (Vinacomin). Vietnam Power Generation Corporation to be remained in the groups managed by EVN and the group hold at least 51% of the shares.
To encourage the plant using the renewable energy to engage in the wholesale electricity market.
Orienting the National Load Dispatch Center to become one member limited liability company with independent profit and loss center to manage the system, the electricity market and metering activities.
The period from 2019 to 2020
Reduce the State capital in the power generation corporation, separate the Vietnam Power Generation Corporation from Vietnam Electricity Group, and guarantee the State capital ratio in the power generation companies.
Allow the BOT power plant, the large power plant having important meaning to involve in the wholesale electricity market. Ensure a fair, equality environment for investors.
Separate the cost of distribution and retailing of electricity to operate the retail electricity market.
Before the competitive wholesale electricity market officially implemented, complete the conversion of the National Load Dispatch Center into one member limited liability company.
Restructure Electricity Sector 2021 – 2025
Creating an environment for fair competition in the electricity retailing, separate the cost of distribution and retailing.
Privatize the power generation corporation, and retail activity ensuring the state’s capital ratio but not to private each company, or distribution activity.
Ensure the independence of the legal status, personnel, financial and interests between the power seller, and power buyer.
The Expected Changes of the Law on Electricity
The competent authority will revise the Vietnam Electricity Law and the related legal documents to propose the necessary amendments, to fit with the open market direction for the electricity industry in Vietnam, in order to avoid the legal entanglements for domestic as well as foreign investors.
Allows the plant using the renewable energy to have a options for preferential price mechanism or engage in the competitive wholesale electricity market.
Provide guidance on the cost separation on distribution and retailing of electricity, renew the mechanism of the retail price of electricity suitable for the market mechanisms under the state’s management.
Build a road map to transform the national load dispatch center to become one member limited liability company to complete the tasks independently and take responsibility.
The  laws on  electricity will be changed to attract investment of the private sector, boosting the industrial development of the country, which is always hunger for power to develop.  The changes of laws will be monitored by ANT Lawyers Energy and Project Department  in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City to provide clients with updates.

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